Meet Our Sensei


Sensei Eric Tollett

       "Good martial arts is good martial arts,

It doesnt matter the style it comes from."

-Sensei Eric Tollett


     Integrity Defensive Arts PA is led by Sensei Eric Tollett.  Originally from a little town in Texas... Sensei has been an avid and accomplished practitioner of martial arts since a very young age. He holds Black Belts in multiple arts as well as having participated in active competition as one of the Kyu Shin Ryu competition teams' top competitors at the Texas 4 Seasons Karate Championships. 

     Sensei has had extensive real world experience testing his skills thru employment as a bouncer in some of South Texas's roughest roadhouse scenes as well as training of police forces in South Texas.  He is very passionate and dedicated to promoting the future of martial arts to his students both young and old.  


Sensei Eric has studied(s) under the following instructors:

Sensei/Guro Chris Garcia,

Sensei/Guro Rick Torres,

Prof George Kirby,

Tuhon Leslie Buck,

Tuhon Bobby Ladra (currently training)


Kyu Shin Ryu (Judo, Flowing Circles Jujitsu) - 3rd degree (Sandan) Black Belt
Budoshin Jujitsu - 3rd degree (Sandan) Black Belt
Multiple years of Study in Filipino Martial Arts