Our Class Types

     We offer two types of regular classes here at IDAPA.  These include classes geared directly to young children... as well as classes designed specifically for adults.  In addition to our weekly classes, we offer specific intensive classes geared towards women's self defense, as well as bringing in guest instructors from other schools to teach event classes.

     Do you want extra training outside of regular classes?  Prefer not working in large groups, or your schedule conflicts with our normal class times?  We offer private instruction with Sensei Eric Tollett, tailored to meet the needs of your schedule. (pending availability of time slot.) 




     For ages 9-15yrs of age.  These classes are geared toward our children and young teenagers.  We use these classes to not only teach self confidence and self defense... but respect for others and integrity of character.  We believe that being a good martial artist is more than being able to block and throw punches... but also having the controlled, respectful and exemplary character that goes along with it.  This is why we include school grades and behavior outside the dojo into the training we give them.


\    In our Adult Warriors class ages 16+.  We teach the principles of self-reliance and integrity when it comes to protecting ourselves and our families.  We train in everything from traditional Judo and Jujitsu... to learning counter offense with weapons such as knives and guns.  We also work on teaching the principals of situational awareness.  Because the first line of defense is not putting yourself in a situation to begin with.  With a modern application to traditional techniques... our school is unique when compared to many other martial arts schools.

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     On a monthly basis we try to have women's self defense class.  This class is geared specifically for women wanting to learn to protect themselves.  It is designed in dealing with larger, stronger attackers...  Teaching you situational awareness... as well as ways of catching your attacker off guard, and how to get out of a dangerous situation and get to safety.