Belts and Requirements

     In our (Kyu Shin Ryu) art, we have seven lower level belts.  These belts are not only used as a ranking system to track accomplishments during the journey, they are also a responsibility.  When you wear a belt of certain rank, you are saying that you hold those skills and disciplines.  We believe in the concept of "learn to teach, teach to learn."  This means as you grow in knowledge, skill and rank, other students will begin to look to you for instruction and guidance.  Not just in the dojo... but outside as well.  Martial arts in our eyes is not just a form of protection... but a lifestyle.  It will be expected of you to help assist Sensei in leading classes and performing techniques for the rest of the class.  You will be held accountable for your Integrity, Respect, Character and Discipline.         


     The following list is our ranking system.

     When you start your journey with us you will be known as unranked.  You will wear a white belt to keep you uniform(Gi) closed, but you do not yet hold rank.  You will earn your first belt thru showing proper dojo etiquette, starting to learn basic Japanese phrases and counting, in addition to starting to learn the history of our art.

WHITE BELT (8th Kyu Compliant)

YELLOW BELT (7th Kyu Compliant)

ORANGE BELT (6th Start of Non-Compliance)

GREEN BELT (5th Kyu Non-Compliant)

BLUE BELT (4th Kyu Non-Compliant)

BROWN BELT (3rd-1st Kyu Non-Compliant)

There are three total ranks in Brown Belt:

No Stripe- Sankyu 3rd Kyu

1 Stripe- Nikyu 2nd Kyu

2 Stripe- Ikkyu 1st Kyu


     When you reach the rank of (Shodan) 1st degree black belt, it is just the beginning of the journey.  Reaching these higher levels is not just a culmination and understanding of all that has been learned previously in your training.  The continued promotion after Black Belt will require continued refinement and discipline in our art...  as well as an advancing knowledge and skill into the proper application and practice of our arts.