About Us


        Integrity Defensive Arts PA is located at the Highspire, PA Fire Department.  We are taught under the direction of Sensei Eric Tollett, and have classes that cater to both Children ages 9-15yrs (Young Warriors) and Adults 16+yrs (Warriors).  We also offer private lessons for those who cant make normal classes, or for those that wish to have additional training outside regular classes. 

     We are a multidisciplinary school that focuses on the teachings of Judo, Flowing Circles Ju-Jitsu, Karate/Kickboxing, elements of Aikijujitsu and Kali.  Our system is called Kyu Shin Ryu, which advocates the growth of mind, body and spirit as a totality to become well-rounded martial artists of exemplary character.  Kyu Shin Ryu has its own syllabus and curriculum having integrated these arts. To honor the work of those who have taught us so much, we do not just cannibalize these arts and Frankenstein them together. In addition to the already exhaustive syllabus, we teach each of these arts in their purity.  Our system is not only known for its prowess in empty hand combat/fighting, but is also well-known for its applications of weapons both traditional and contemporary.